Orthopedic Ward Job Experience

1.    Senior Staff Nurse 
       Orthopedic Ward

Major responsibilities:

      1. Assessed new patients and monitored existing patients.
      2. Monitored surgical sites and noted any changes.
      3. Took patient vital signs and updated database of such info.
      4. Administered medications and changed dressings.
      5. Prepared patients for traction and ensured that patients were kept comfortable.
      6. Provided neurovascular status updates as requested by physicians.
      7. Assisted with treatments for patients with arthritis and osteoporosis.
      8. Provided patients with self-care and follow-up care instructions.
      9. Assisted with treatments for fractures and sprains.
      10. Repositioned patients and administered pain medications as needed.
      11. Prepared daily assessments of patient conditions.
      12. Other duties & responsibilities assigned by the management from time to time.

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