Bsmmu বিগত সালের প্রশ্নসমূহ (নার্সিং ডিউটি এন্ড রেস্পন্সিবিলিটি)

Bsmmu বিগত সালের প্রশ্নসমূহ (Part - 5)....  Bsmmu তে "সিনিয়র স্টাফ নার্স" পদের নিয়োগ পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নসমূহ - বিষয়ঃ নার্সিং ডিউটি এন্ড রেস্পন্সিবিলিটি। Part - 5 তে মোট প্রশ্ন রয়েছে ৬২ টি।  পরীক্ষার সালঃ ২০১৬, ১৩, ১২, ১১ এবং ১০
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নার্সিং ডিউটি এন্ড
১। The absorbable suture is (Bsmmu-16)
(ক) Silk
(খ) Nylon
(গ) Catgut 
(ঘ) All of the above
উত্তর: ??

২। Which part of upper limb is to be washed before nursing a patient? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Up to wrist joint
(খ) Up to elbow joint St
(গ) Only palm of the hand
(ঘ) Both palm & dorsal of the hand
উত্তর: ??

৩। Nurse is to collect blood for C/S from which sites? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Cannula site
(খ) Artery
(গ) Vein
(ঘ) Both artery & vain
উত্তর: ??

৪। How will you clean the external genitalia to collect midstream urine sample for urine C/S! (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) By plane water
(খ) By soap and plane water
(গ) By hexisol
(ঘ) By iodine
উত্তর: ??

৫। Bed side test for urinary protein examination? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Benedicts test
(খ) Heat coagulation test
(গ) Rothara's test
(ঘ) Heat precipitation test
উত্তর: ??

৬। You are asked to infuse 240 ml 5% dextrose in 0.225% Nacl within 24 hours. How will you adjust the drop in micro drop/min? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) 09 micro drop / min
(খ) 10 micro drop/min
(গ) 8 micro drop /min
(ঘ) 12 micro drop min
উত্তর: ??

৭। You are asked to provide tapid sponging to a child with hyperpyrexia, which is the best?
(ক) By ice cold water
(খ) By tape water
(গ) By slight warm water
(ঘ) By hot water
উত্তর: ??

৮। Lumber puncture is to be done in a 12 years old baby, which is the ideal size of cannula? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) 18 G
(খ) 21 G
(গ) 23 G
(ঘ) 25 G
উত্তর: ??

৯। You are on duty in NICU. A baby developed respiratory distress with frothy discharge, what will be your first action? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Start oxygen therapy
(খ) Naso gastric suction
(গ) Propped up position
(ঘ) Oral & naso pharyngeal suction
উত্তর: ??

১০। lst duty of nurse in post-operative room after arriving the patient is? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Give the oxygen to the patient
(খ) Maintain IV fluid and blood
(গ) To ensure position of the patient
(ঘ) Evaluation of vital signs
উত্তর: ??

১১। The founder of modern nursing is? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Dorthea dix
(খ) Florence Nightingale
(গ) Clara barton
(ঘ) Harriet Tubman
উত্তর: ??

১২। About oral suction (BSMMU-13)
(ক) Tube must be sterile
(খ) Needs when cough reflex more active
(গ) It is essential for unconscious patient
(ঘ) No need of sterile water
উত্তর: ??

১৩। About medical hand wash- (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Wash with store water
(খ) Before & after all patient contact
(গ) Drying is not essential
(ঘ) Always need antiseptic
উত্তর: ??

১৪। What is the ideal recovery position of patient after oral surgery?(Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Supine position with head down
(খ) Lateral position with slight head up
(গ) Lateral position with slight head down
(ঘ) 15° head up position
উত্তর: ??

১৫। About body temperature, which is true- (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Normal range is 35.1°C to 36.2°C
(খ) Variation is 1°F from morning to evening
(গ) Highest temperature is in the morning
(ঘ) Body temperature is controlled by skin only
উত্তর: ??

১৬. Intravenous injection of drug is given by? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Only trained registered nurse
(খ) Any nurse can give
(গ) Prescription does not require
(ঘ) Registered nurse can give it without training
উত্তর: ??

১৭. Protective isolation is an essential for treatment of (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Peptic ulcer disease
(খ) Left ventricular failure
(গ) Chronic bronchial asthma
(ঘ) Burn patient
উত্তর: ??

১৮. Barrier nursing is - (Bsmmu-11, 13)
(ক) The use of infection control practice
(খ) Treatment of infection
(গ) Use of antibiotic
(ঘ) Use of face mask
উত্তর: ??

১৯. 60kg weight female patient needs 3000ml fluid/day, what the flow rate is standard? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) 30 drops/ min
(খ) 40 drops/min
(গ) 9.45 drops/ min 
(ঘ) 20 drops/min
উত্তর: ??

২০. Absolute bed rest with oxygen therapy is essential for the treatment of? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Chronic bronchial asthma
(খ) Congenital heart disease
(গ) Chronic renal failure
(ঘ) Acute left ventricular failure
উত্তর: ??

২১. Which iv fluid you will infuse to a patient with severe dehydration due to sweating? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Normal saline
(খ) Cholera saline
(গ) Hartman solution
(ঘ) 5% dextrose in aqua
উত্তর: ??

২২. Which drug needs skin test before administration? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Methyldopa
(খ) Corticosteroid
(গ) Ketoprofen
(ঘ) Benzyl penicillin
উত্তর: ??

২৩. For continuous irrigation of urinary bladder which fluid is better-- (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) 1.5% citrate solution
(খ) 5% dextrose in aqua
(গ) 0.9% sodium chloride
(ঘ) DNS solution
উত্তর: ??

২৪. Which preparation is given in subcutaneous route? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Depot preparation
(খ) Ergotamine
(গ) Insulin
(ঘ) Ceftriaxone
উত্তর: ??

২৫. Which of the following include universal precaution? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Use of boiled water
(খ) Use of chlorine solution
(গ) Use of Dettol
(ঘ) Use of soap water only
উত্তর: ??

২৬. Color of IV cannula indicates? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Length of the cannula
(খ) Outer diameter of the cannula
(গ) Flow rate and internal diameter
(ঘ) Flow rate only
উত্তর: ??

২৭. Normal flow rate of infusion is? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Standard saline set 45 drop/ml
(খ) Standard saline set 20 drop/ml
(গ) Micro burrete 60 drop/ml
(ঘ) Transfusion set 8 drop/ml
উত্তর: ??

২৮। When nurse is performing surgical hand hygiene, he must keep hands? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Above elbow
(খ) Below elbow
(গ) At a 45° angle
(ঘ) In a comfortable position
উত্তর: ??

২৯। Which one is isotonic saline? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) 5% DA
(খ) 5% DNS
(গ) Baby Saline
(ঘ) 0.9% NaCl
উত্তর: ??

৩০। What suction is necessary in a container for sending tissue for biopsy? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Normal saline 
(খ) Formalin 10%
(গ) Distilled water
(ঘ) Formalin 40%
উত্তর: ??

৩১। For the treatment of anaphylactic reactionlst choice of drug is? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Hydrocortisone
(খ) Noradrenalin
(গ) Dexamethasone
(ঘ) Adrenalin
উত্তর: ??

৩২। Which of the following right has been added to the traditional five right of medication administration? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Right documentation
(খ) Right medication
(গ) Right route 
(ঘ) Right time
উত্তর: ??

৩৩। The best site of an intramuscular injection is (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Abdomen
(খ) Fore arm
(গ) Inner lower quadrant of the buttock
(ঘ) Outer upper quadrant of the buttock
উত্তর: ??

৩৪। The priority when proving oral hygiene to an unconscious patient? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Prevent aspiration
(খ) Prevent mouth odor
(গ) Prevent dental caries
(ঘ) Prevent mouth ulceration
উত্তর: ??

৩৫। Before starting intravenous antibiotic what, will you do? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) Skin test to see hypersensitivity
(খ) Record pulse, BP first
(গ) See urine output
(ঘ) Give anti-allergic drug
উত্তর: ??

৩৬। Signs and symptoms of diabetes isn't includes.. (Bsmmu-12)
(ক) Polynuria
(খ) Anuria
(গ) Polyphagia
(ঘ) Polydipsia
উত্তর: ??

৩৭। Shock is a... (Bsmmu-12)
(ক) severe diseases
(খ) a symptom 
(গ) syndrome
(ঘ) cardiac arrest
উত্তর: ??

৩৮। What is the most common complication in early post-operative period? (Bsmmu-11)
(ক) Respiratory arrest
(খ) Respiratory failure
(গ) Cardiac arrest
(ঘ) Hypoxemia
উত্তর: ??

৩৯। 0.9% sodium chloride solution is (Bsmmu-11)
(ক) 5% DNS
(খ) Hypertonic
(গ) Hartman
(ঘ) Isotonic
উত্তর: ??

৪০। 5% DA saline of 1000 ml is given at the rate of 15 drop/min, total time required for infusion is-(Bsmmu-11)
(ক) 16 hours
(খ) 8 hours
(গ) 10 hours
(ঘ) 20 hours
উত্তর: ??

৪১। Colour of the IV cannula indicates? -(Bsmmu-11)
(ক) Length
(খ) Outer diameter
(গ) Internal diameter and flow
(ঘ) Flow rate
উত্তর: ??

৪২। Which one is correct in case of normal flow rate? (Bsmmu-11)
(ক) Standard infusion se is 40 drops/ml
(খ) Standard infusion set is 20 drops/ml
(গ) Microburreet is 60 drop/ml
(ঘ) Transfusion set is 10 drops/ml
উত্তর: ??

৪৩। Transfusion set differs from infusion set is? (Bsmmu-11)
(ক) Long needle
(খ) Wide needle
(গ) Have a filter
(ঘ) Two chambers
উত্তর: ??

৪৪। Receiving position of a patient is-- (Bsmmu-11)
(ক) Prop up
(খ) Supine
(গ) Lateral
(ঘ) Comfortable
উত্তর: ??

৪৫। Absolute bed rest with oxygen is essential treatment in case of? (Bsinmu-11)
(ক) Chronic bronchial asthma
(খ) VSD
(গ) Unconscious patient
(ঘ) AMI
উত্তর: ??

৪৬। Ideal Ryle's tube feeding should be given in-- (Bsmmu-11)
(ক) 24 hours/day
(খ) 2 hourly 10 feeds/ day
(গ) 2 hourly, 12 feeds/day
(ঘ) 12-16 hours/ day
উত্তর: ??

৪৭। Hand should be wash?(Bsmmu-11)
(ক) With normal water
(খ) Before and after all patient contact
(গ) Always with antiseptic
(ঘ) Only before giving injection
উত্তর: ??

৪৮। You have asked to give 10 mg of inj. Kanamycin from 50 mg/2 ml of vial, what will be the right amount? (Bsmmu-11)
(ক) 0.4 ml
(খ) 0.5 ml
(গ) 0.6 ml
(ঘ) 1 ml
উত্তর: ??

৪৯। What should be monitored during giving IV Injection Ca gluconate-(Bsmmu-11)
(ক) Respiratory rate 
(খ) Heart rate 
(গ) Temperature 
(ঘ) Blood pressure 
উত্তর: ??

৫০। Suppose you have to give 250 ml of fluid in a newborn baby, what will be the rate per minute? (Bsmmu-11)
(ক) 10 µdrops/min
(খ) 6 µdrops/min
(গ) 15 drops/min
(ঘ) 10 drops/min
উত্তর: ??

৫১। Name of one drug in Operation Theater used for emergency management is? (Bsmmu-11)
(ক) Hydrocortisone
(খ) Frusemide
(গ) Dexamethasone
(ঘ) Adrenalin
উত্তর: ??

৫২। Which one is true about bodytemperature? (Bsmmu-11)
(ক) Normal range is 35.1°C -36.1°C
(খ) Variation is 1-degree F from morning to evening
(গ) Highest in morning
(ঘ) Controlled by skin
উত্তর: ??

৫৩। About oral suction? (Bsmmu-11)
(ক) Tube must be sterile
(খ) It needs when patient enough reflex is active
(গ) It is essential for unconscious patient
(ঘ) No need of sterile water
উত্তর: ??

৫৪। Following are the daily tracheostomy care except? (Bsmmu-10)
(ক) Humidification
(খ) Sterile suction
(গ) Cleaning and dressing
(ঘ) Suction during insertion of catheter
উত্তর: ??

৫৫। The natural temperature of human body is-(Bsmmu-10)
(ক) 36.9°C
(খ) 96.8°F
(গ) 37.8 F
(ঘ) 98.6°C
উত্তর: ??

৫৬। Use the stethoscope (Bsmmu-10)
(ক) Liver sound
(খ) Gall bladder sound
(গ) Pancreas sound
(ঘ) Korotkoff's sound
উত্তর: ??

৫৭। When you will not give NG tube feeding to a newborn baby? -(Bsmmu-11)
(ক) When the baby is vomiting
(খ) When abdomen is distended
(গ) When respiratory rate is >80/minute
(ঘ) Consider all given condition
উত্তর: ??

৫৮। You have found a baby to be apnoeic in neonatal ward, what will you do? (Bsmmu-11)
(ক) Oxygen inhalation
(খ) Bag and mask ventilation
(গ) Tactile stimulation
(ঘ) Call duty doctor
উত্তর: ??

৫৯। Immediately after birth what you will do? (Bsmmu-11)
(ক) Dry the baby
(খ) Bath the baby
(গ) Cut umbilical cord
(ঘ) Start breast feeding
উত্তর: ??

৬০। During active management of third stage of labour how will you give oxytocin? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) 2 amp I/V stat
(খ) 1 amp I/V stat
(গ) 2 amp 1/M stat
(ঘ) 2 amp I/V drip
উত্তর: ??

৬১। If a patient came with an incomplete abortion with bleeding what will be your first duty? (BSMMU-13)
(ক) Check pulse, BP
(খ) Call the doctor & start IV channel simultaneously
(গ) Check amount of PV bleeding
(ঘ) Check fundal height
উত্তর: ??

৬২। Which one is the prime duty of a nurse for caring of a child suffering of AGN? (Bsmmu-13)
(ক) To maintain intake/ output chart
(খ) To record BP, pulse, weight
(গ) To record daily respiratory rate
(ঘ) To give IV medication
উত্তর: ??

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