OT, ECG & Delivery Ward Job Experience

Senior Staff Nurse – May 2019 to April 2020
OT, ECG & Normal Delivery Ward
Kingston Hospital, Mirpur -12 Dhaka -1216

Major responsibilities:
      1. Caring the patient 24 X 7.
      2. Manage the admission and discharging of patients.
      3. Interacting with the medical bodies in the hospital.
      4. Provide suggestions to family member and other staff on diseases.
      5. Provide assistance to Nursing Manager in the supervision of staff nurses.
      6. Maintain the patient charts.

Specially, I am now working for OT and I am always pre active for Normal Delivary
      1. I do assist the surgeons during surgery and coordinate with surgical technicians.
      2. Sterilize all the surgical equipment before and after the surgery.
      3. I do check before and after the surgery instrument.
      4. Quickly hand over the equipment to the surgeon during the surgery.
      5. I am able to stand on feet for long hours as some surgeries can carry on for many hours. 
      6. Other duties & responsibilities assigned by the management from time to time.

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