Midwife Job Experience writing

1. Midwife Job responsibilities:
      1. Inspecting and checking pregnant ladies in perception and work room;
      2. Recognizing high danger pregnancies and allude when required;
      3. Lead typical vaginal conveyance;
      4. Monitoring and administering medication, injections and intravenous infusions during labour;
      5. Writing reports and documenting assessments and care;
      6. Coordinate with other midwives and health care providers related to delivery;
      7. Work with other midwives and health care providers during conducting delivery etc.
2. Midwife Job responsibilities:
      1. I am always responsible for physical, mental, and emotional care of the patients during pregnancy and delivery period.
      2. I do ensure prenatal, postnatal education and examination of the patients during the course of the pregnancy and assist patients in creating birth plans.
      3. I am also ensured the health and well-being of the newborn and mother during and after delivery.
      4. I hear the history of the service seekers, do medical checkup and will conduct necessary counselling and will refer the applicable cases.
      5. I will also attend at the health camps, satellite clinics in the communities.
      6. Other duties & responsibilities assigned by the management from time to time.

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